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Dr. Nuzum - The Truth About Cancer LIVE Highlights 2016 | Plant Medicine & How to Detoxify Your Body



Please join us by watching the live stream of The Truth About Cancer 2017 here:
Everything you'll ever need to know about healing and preventing Cancer, all packed into a single weekend.

In this video we put together some highlights from Dr. Nuzum's presentation "Plant Medicine & How to Detoxify Your Body: Secrets from Nature's Medicine Chest You Need to Know” at last years The Truth About Cancer Live Event 2016.

Last year's event was profoundly special. The response, the emotion, and the stories of healing were truly overwhelming.
We talk a lot about how to heal your body naturally, detoxify from toxins, and get things working properly again. But really, our mission is all about saving lives, plain and simple.

You can read books from renowned experts, watch their documentaries, listen to their interviews and podcasts, but there's no substitute for meeting face to face with them and asking your questions about your personal situation.

And that's why the whole health industry is buzzing about this year's event!

We’re gathering the best of the best -- 40 of the smartest, most innovative health and wellness experts in the world for a special 3-day event in Orlando, FL on October 5-7, 2017.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum will also be joining us again with his new presentation called "Holistic healing with Nutraceuticals".

Also Dr. Mercola, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Stan Burzynski, Dr. Tony Jimenez, Doug Kaufmann, Cherie "The Juice Lady" Calbom, and so many more... gathered in one place, at one event, for the sole purpose of teaching you how they're eradicating cancer and other top diseases.

We're sure you saw a glimpse of it in the video above, but the response, the emotion, and the stories of healing were truly overwhelming.

At last year’s The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2016, our film team also interviewed people in attendance, including many brave cancer fighters and survivors.
They all had incredible stories of healing to share, which you can watch in this playlist:

And now this year’s TTAC LIVE 2017 event promises to be even better.
It's THE health event of the year.

Discover all about it HERE:

Watch more expert highlights from TTAC LIVE 2016
Dr. Patrick Quillin -
Sayer Ji -
Ocean Robbins -

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