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Who is Rickey

Rickey D. Johnson specializes in comprehensively designed and synergistically structured marketing and promotional strategies and application.

He has been providing resources for micro, small and home based owner/operators for 30 years.

He is also, the owner and operator of Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, company specializing in attracting b2b and b2c companies that want to generate revenue from the multi trillion dollar multi cultural marketplace.

He has developed and implemented the "No Rejection Marketing" client acquisition and retention system that is highly effective.

Specialties: Extensive involvement with branding, product marketing and promoting, strategy development for client acquisition and retention, overall assessment of company internal and external assets.

Review, Assess, and Recommend marketing and promotional strategy enhancements.
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Rickey Johnson is owner of Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, a community designed for

positive minded, forward thinking, ethical,servant leader type, people.

Providing life style enriching information. Providing a online location for Multi Cultural

Communities to Connect, Share, Grow, and Learn.

A venue to allow the development of Global Commerce Transactions,Personal and Business

Connections. visit and 623-455-6364.